TLDR;  Produces virtual reality, events and anything you're not quite sure how to make. 

I'm an interactive producer living & working in Amsterdam, but I didn't start here.  I hail from Baltimore, and no I have not seen all of The Wire (I'm on season two).

 After Baltimore I moved to NYC to attend The School of Visual Arts where I balanced bartending with film & art crit classes. So cool. 

While bartending I got an internship with a badass experiential studio.  There I fell in love with new creative technology applications. In 2012 Laurie Anderson spoke at my graduation. I walked away with a BFA, a paper on the Uncanny Valley and a job at Fake Love

After a bit I moved from NYC to London where I met Marshmallow Laser Feast. Together we made an immersive VR installation in the middle of a forrest called In The Eyes of the Animal

Baltimore 1997 

Baltimore 1997 

Still freelancing with MLF I moved to Amsterdam to secure my Dutch nationality. While in Amsterdam I continued freelancing with MLF and also travelling to the USA for work. During that time I notably produced content for Beyoncé's Formation World Tour.

Shortly after Beyoncé's tour launched I started a full-time position with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. I produced W+K's largest interactive project to date, an immersive theatre & VR event for Corona in Mexico City. 

Suffice it to say, I love working with companies pushing boundaries of interactive technology. I love working with teams excited to build cooler, more rewarding experiences for their bases.

Besides that, I have a special passion for getting coding, VR & other new tech into the hands of kids and making it more accessible for everyone.